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[Verse I: Lil Witch King]

Wild heart with depression mane
Anxious fucker not to mention mane
I gotta black tee
Like all my sixes in threes
Two queens
They riding up on my knees
Left my heart out in the valley mane
I drink Sapporo in the alley mane
Almost six feet underground
'Cause my empress ain't around
Gold soul but I'm rusting mane
All these hoes I ain't trust 'em mane
I gotta cold bed
And voices up in my head
Only receipts I get are "read"
Kaonashi from the coast mane
Lonely king beyond the moat mane
I gotta stone throne
Rule my kingdom all alone
Leave my body
So my mind is free to roam

[Verse II: Slim Pariah]

I don’t really know where the fuck to go
I’ve been drinking all night with my fucking woes
They say I’m slipping I’m not me, they don’t know
Who the fuck I am, I’m the the realist of the real tho
I think I’m losing my damn mind
Ion give a fuck I think its damn time

Ain't no time for no hesitation
All these fucking drugs in my system got me contemplating

Why the fuck have I been waiting
Where the fuck it is going
Why the fuck it is I’m shaking
All these bitches got me angry
All they want is fucking mating
Now my pupils dilating
I been steadily migrating
This is my jump for fucking greatness
Why you so aggravating
So immune to all the sameness
I don’t give a fuck I’m taming
I don’t give a fuck I’m heinous

I’ve been running through the city lane changing
Like I ever gave a fuck 'bout no lame bitch

[Verse III: Crimewave]

I can see clearly
I can see everything clearly
I hate it dearly
I just hate everything so sincerely
Do not get near me
Listen close I just want you to hear me
Do not get near me
I want the whole world to fear me

God complex but I’m depressed
Bitch I can’t cry I just gotta flex
You don’t like me but I don’t like me too
At the cross roads don’t know what the fuck to do

God complex but I’m depressed
Bitch I can’t cry I just gotta flex
God complex but I’m depressed
Bitch I can’t cry I just gotta flex


released January 21, 2017
Prod. Lil Witch King



all rights reserved