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[Verse 1: Wavy Jone$]

Bitch I'm scheming, I'm feening,
Hate the world and I mean it.
Crack the pack bust some loud,
Now pass that wood I'ma peel it.
Never switch up like seasons,
These pussy lames I don't feel 'em,
Hundred ways but no reason,
To die today got no feeling.
In my brain I'm the ceiling,
High as fuck bitch I'm leaning,
Poppin' pills to stop breathing,
Close my eyes bitch I'm leaving,
This surface curse wit no cure,
Disease of flesh overturned,
Inside my grave only I'm,
Communicating with ghosts.
I'm going crazy like most,
Can't drown the truth I'ma float,
G-wagon, bands and a boat,
Around my house got a moat.
Everyone's lost in their own way,
No one cares 'bout the next,
Bury yourself for a check,
Up to your neck nothing's left,
Nothing dead.

[Verse 2: Lil Witch King]

I sheathe my sword then I floss,
Level 100 world boss.
I fuck that bitch, she get tossed,
Then realize it's my loss.
Say you got that stick like lacrosse,
Let's see it bitch or get lost,
Lil Witchy cold as the frost,
King got a deathwish to cross...

Off the checklist that I made...
Take a sip and then I fade out...
I should've listened what my mama say.
I never listened what my mama say.

She say it's cold in the North,
But my soul move back and forth,
'Cause I'm a nomad by nature,
I don't like people I hate ya.
Lil White Walker got ice,
Come too far North we sacrifice.
Cult the coldest team in all of Gaia,
Only fuck wit Wavy and Pariah.

[Verse 3: Slim Pariah]

I'm a never get the runaround,
Cult in the underground,
Bitch I'm on the come around,
Knowing that ya hear me now.
I'm higher, wired, tired of this day-to-day shit.
I be posted, roasted, loccin' with a semi and a bitch,
I got two percs and they coolin' all just crushed up in a zip.

We stay cool with our demons,
You stay fooling with feelings,
I fuck that bitch with no meaning,
I'm all out now I'm feening.

Pop back three shots feelin' like I got it,
Fuck what ya heard 'cause bitch I just started,
When I pull up to the bar I'm never getting carded,
And I love the way she look when I go straight retarded.

When I end my game I'm the first in the book,
Lil coke yakked, you're a pawn I'm a rook.
Ima dirty mothafucka who never gave a shit,
Couple OP rounds all up in my clip.
Bounce back to the house now I'm coasting with Witch,
A couple hoes through but they don't suck dick,
Bend the bitch over now she looking real good,
Lil west side hoes and they beavers for the wood.


released October 28, 2016



all rights reserved