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[Verse I: Slim Pariah]

Split the wood and roll it tight,
Face it down 'til my mind feels right.
Love the way Mary feels inside,
She's my girl and I'm her God.

Hoping that I die tonight,
Never did I ask for life,
Nothing but pain and blight,
My blunt stay lit like December lights.

2 AM I feel alive,
Nocturnal habits but it's alright,
My lack of sleep feels justified,
I rest my head and my worries take flight.

Take my stress, I roll it up,
Know that I got enough,
To make ya average feel like giving up,
My best never seemed to make the cut.

[Verse II: Lil Witch King]

Catch me on the Pac,
Mach one sliding thru the Tac,
Witchy hood up pedal down,
4 AM no one around.

Just the King running the lines,
Self-hate rushing down my spine,
Lil Coheed up in my ears,
Dead inside ain't got no tears.

So I say fuck the world and drive,
Only way to feel alive,
I hit that gas 135,
If I crash I won't survive.

Feel like Mitch Lucker, I'ma ride,
In the dark turn off the light.
Out of sight bitch out of mind.
Wanna sleep so I'ma die.

[Verse III: Mikey Six]

Sitting all alone,
Bitch hit me up on the phone,
Telling me I gotta go, I gotta go,
Hold up bitch I'm rolling steady,
Gotta get ready rolling on that 50
I'm driving, don't give a fuck,
Passing all these hoes as she's sucking on my nuts,
Hit a stop sign as I'm pressured to erupt,
Car pass by that's my homie say what's up,
Low class living, I'm just chilling,
Vibing on that instrumental found it on the internet
Bout to flex on this red,
Chevy so ready
Better be committed
When you hit this shit,
Go and read a script,
Go and practice it
My click we be legit,
Grab me that weed we gon' roll up a spliff,
immaculate we gon' be back in a bit.
Immaculate we gon' be back in a bit.

[Verse IV: Erick Parasite]

Light it up and hit it,
I'm as high as it can get me,
I be ridin' with the villains,
Then we slicing up your village,
Chop it up, making moves not just talkin bruh,
Low Class plotting and we squaded up,
Hit you with that kamehameha,
Who the fuck is stopping us, from taking over?
Coppin' bucks cause it's us,
They don't see us blowin' like harmonicas
I promise ya we gon' ball like the sonics was,
Light the chronic up,
I chill I count the bills and get this Monica.


released December 6, 2016



all rights reserved